Another woman attacked in Porter Square; suspect may be same as last week's

Porter Square suspect

Somerville Police report a woman was attacked as she walked down the 300 block of Beacon Street early Monday.

She had departed the Porter Square MBTA Station and was walking alone on Beacon Street when her attacker grabbed her from behind and made an attempt to force her into a nearby alley. The victim was able to scream and fend off her attacker. The victim described her attacker as a thin black male, in his 30’s, 6-00, clean shaven, and wearing dark clothing.

Police say this nature of the attack and description is similar to that of an attack last week on the Cambridge side of Porter Square, although police say whether they are dealing with just one guy remains part of the investigation.




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Transit Police

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I have never seen a transit police officer at this station and don't give me the BS that they are working undercover dressed like homeless folk.

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Me neither

I have seen Transit Police many times and at many stations, but never at Porter Sq. The one time I did, I had called them about a guy was walking on the commuter rail tracks with his back to any oncoming trains and headphones on -- and a train was due within 10 minutes. They alerted MBCR and sent an officer. Meanwhile, Harvard and Alewife seem to have an officer(s) at all times.

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SUVs above ground

That's about the only place that I've seen them - in their SUVs on Mass Ave, parked over or near where it crosses the commuter rail line.

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