Anybody want to move some poles?

The Jamaica Plain Gazette reports the city is having to re-bid a project to move a pole yard from the MBTA bus depot in Forest Hills to some land on American Legion Highway because nobody bid on the project initially. A city spokeswoman is quoted as saying this is probably because the DPW doesn't tend to have much call for pole moving and so the sorts of companies that would bid on such a project don't tend to look at DPW ads.

The Gazette also details the latest that is known about moving the entire bus depot to the American Legion site - a project that nobody has yet proposed actual money for. The site - bordered by four giant poles from back in the day when herds of trolleys roamed the earth - is now controlled by Zoo New England, because at some point in the past, somebody thought it made sense to have an overflow zoo parking lot more than a mile from the Franklin Park Zoo. That plan did not work out.

The Gazette also reports on a plan by students at Wentworth on how to turn the bus-depot land into a new neighborhood should the depot actually depart.




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