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Auto Show in Boston this Week

It's here again. We shouldn't be surprised because it's mid January, but the New England Auto Show has shown up again at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. For locals who haven't been to the NY Auto Show or the one in Detroit, the one here is adequate. While you won't see a ton of prototypes on the show floor, you will get a chance to see a bunch of new models all together in one place.

I'll be attending later this week to hear the announcements dealers and manufacturers are making about their cars. I plan to provide some video and photos here in case you can't make it over there to kick some tires and ask some questions. But my real question is why do we get saddled with something akin to a car dealer show - where local dealers actually try and connect and sell their cars - when other cities get to see cutting-edge technology and real car news?

I'll certainly see some fun stuff this week - show opens Thursday and goes through Monday - I just hope it's a little more interesting this year. I'll let you know.

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