Three badly hurt in crash outside Sullivan Square firehouse

Remains of car outside Sullivan Square firehouse

Aftermath of the crash. Photo by Boston EMS Incidents.

Boston EMS Incidents reports at least one person was ejected from a vehicle and at least two other people are in bad shape outside the Engine 32 and Ladder 9 fire station at 525 Main St.

BPD homicide detectives are on scene due to the severity of injuries - two people were taken to hospitals in critical condition; one in non-critical condition. Firefighters used the Jaws of Life to extract one of the people.

Liston617 drove by the scene, reports one car was "smashed to pieces."

MBTA bus service through the area is affected.



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WHDH on scene

Showed one vehicle was a convertible. Looked like a white BMW with driver side front end damage.

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Three streets come together there

It sort of works at rush hour when speeds are slow, and Bunker Hill drivers have the right of way. There are stop signs, etc. on Main and Medford St. that don't seem to apply to truly special drivers in a big hurry.

Given the location of the wreckage, I'm betting that a driver flew off of Main without stopping or yielding.

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