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Beacon Hill Figs shuts again

Message in window of Beacon Hill Figs announces another shutdown.

Barely a month after Todd English's Figs on Charles Street closed for repairs and then re-opened, it's shut again.

Sara snapped this photo of the window this evening, featuring a prominent apology for being "temporarily" closed. The restaurant is one of the just three outposts left in English's rapidly shrinking Boston empire, the others being the other Figs in Charlestown and Bonfire at Logan Airport.

She adds:

This time all the chairs, tables, etc are gone. redoing the floors?!

The Beacon Hill Figs wasn't the only Todd English restaurant shutting this week.


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Bonfire at Logan Terminal B, a kind of miniature version of Todd's South American steakhouse at the Park Plaza that flopped years ago. It's actually pretty good for airport food.

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Thanks, added to the original post.

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that they'd just fish or cut bait instead of all this ridiculous BS. Not fair to the employees or vendors or even the landlord--why do I have a feeling there are debts unpaid here? Ugh. So sad--fond but ancient memories of this place.

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