Beautiful day for the Dorchester Day parade

At the Dorchester Day parade

On the Dot Out float

Dorchester came out to celebrate itself today, with the annual parade from Lower Mills all the way up Dot. Ave. to Savin Hill.

Unlike last year's parade, at which both marchers and viewers wilted on a hot, humid day, today was perfect weather for a parade.

Dorchester Day horns
Dorchester Day feathers

Dorchester's large Vietnamese community was amply represented in the parade:

Dorchester Day flags
Dorchester Day No China
Dorchester Day martial arts

Even with the relatively cool temperatures, by Fields Corner, some marchers could have used a break:

Dorchester Day tired

Who doesn't love a parade? Even parrots:

Dorchester Day parrot

And who doesn't love some horsies?

Dorchester Day horses

MR8 folks and Carlos Arredondo marched in the parade. So did some anti-war folks:

Dorchester Day no war

Remember: Always recycle your moose.

Dorchester Day recycling

Kids and parents from the Mather School hoisted signs reminding us just how old the school is (oldest public elementary school in America, even):

Dorchester Day Mather School


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