Board: Garden not to blame for collapses, attacks at Avicii concert

The Boston Licensing Board decided yesterday the Boston Garden committed no violations that led to 86 people needing medical attention, a sexual assault and a beating the night of a June 25 concert by Swedish DJ Avicii.

At a hearing on Tuesday, Garden officials said they had beefed up security and EMT details that night based in part on problems at other Avicii concerts in North America and said that 70% of the people who needed medical attention were caught before they even entered the venue. Garden officials said they also banned many items - from Vicks Vapor Rub tubes to hula hoops - that are often used to smuggle in drugs to EDM concerts.

Garden officials also pledged to work with Boston public-safety and public-health officials to train workers on dealing with drug and alcohol use by EDM concertgoers.



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