Boat goes up in flames at Charlestown marina

Charlestown boat on fire

Boat on fire. Photo by Reza Mian.

Boston firefighters responded to the Constitution Marina next to the North Washington Street bridge around 10 p.m. for a boat on fire.

By 10:20 p.m., the 24-foot-long craft was fully engulfed in flames and firefighters were ordered off its pier. The fire was declared knocked down around 10:40, the boat now roughly three-quarters submerged in the harbor.

Firefighters were hampered by the boat's location at the end of its pier, making it difficult for them to get a fire hose to the boat.

The Boston Fire Department estimates damage at $30,000.

Last month, a 49-foot boat sank at the marina.




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Could be an ice issue over

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Could be an ice issue over there that close to the Charles. But you have a great point.

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No ice in that area

No ice in that area. The only ice I saw in the area this winter was between the N Washington Bridge and the dam locks, and that melted away a few days ago.

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fire at marina

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A big fireboat was there before the firefighters even arrived. The boat was smoldering for about 20 minutes, and then the flames started. The boat was burning towards the water, so there was not significant threat to the other boats. I did not see them use their water cannons, probably because there were 20 firefighters around. The fire kept on going down and then up again.

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They did use fireboats, they

They did use fireboats, they ran hoses of the big boat (the John S. Damrell), but the boat didn't have the best access to the dock the burning boat was on, so Massport Fire-Rescue was asked to respond with their smaller boat which can maneuver into a marina better.

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