Body parts turn up in Charles River again; related to last fall's dismemberment murder?

WCVB reports State Police recovered body parts from the Charles River around 10:40 a.m. The station didn't say where, but Andrea Karis reported an apparent search near Western Avenue.

In January, authorities recovered a human head from the river, possibly from Dennis Ray Jackson Jr., a murdered Haverhill man whose body parts were also recovered, smouldering, in Readville and Bridgewater.

WCVB reports State Police do not think the body parts found today represent any current public-safety threat.

Entire bodies were pulled out of the Charles in May, near Community Boating and in April, near the Teddy Ebersol fields.

Today's discovery came almost two hours after a body was pulled out of the Muddy River, near where it empties into the Charles.


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or maybe

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has something to do with the torso found in sandwich a few weeks back

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