Bogus baseball benefactor busted

Somerville Police report arresting a man on charges he was going around town collecting money for the "Somerville Babe Ruth Baseball Fund" and then just pocketing the proceeds. Police say the guy, 54, wasn't working alone:

This is an active and ongoing investigation and other parties are believed to be involved. If any businesses or individuals believe they have scammed in this manner, please contact Detective Paul Duffy at 617-625-1600 x7219 or at [email protected]




This type of thing has gone on for years

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I recall shady looking people around downtown Boston collecting money for the "Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Telethon" back when that was going on, who were clearly pocketing the money. And lets not forget the Romany Gypsy women who appear like clockwork at Downtown Crossing on the first really warm day of the year collecting for the vaguely worded "Indian children". I swear some of them are the exact same ones I used to see in the 70s. And does anyone else recall that fake nun who used to be around DTX and Government Center in the 80s and 90s (and maybe later) collecting in a singsongy voice for "the sacred heart of the Blessed Mother" or some such? She had this shrine she lugged around with her that kept getting more and more elaborate.

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This goes on "above board", too

There was a real tin-foil hat job in Medford who is supposedly retired/disabled from the fire department. He ran for city council last year. He has a history of running "fundraisers" where he and his friends pocket 75-95% of the proceeds.

Of course he wanted to run "fundraisers" for the Krystle Campbell Scholarship Fund, but he was sniffed out via internet and shut down.

I guess he'd best get back to accusing the schools of stealth implementation of UN Agenda 21 through wiring the high school for internet.

I guess this guy's mistake was in not registering and reporting his 100% administrative fee.

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