Boston schools provided evidence that helped snare guy charged with sending out threatening powder-laced letters

A Dallas-area man charged with sending out more than 500 threatening letters since 2008 was captured in part due to Web-server logs maintained by the BPS IT department - which showed visits from an IP number linked to the man's home address.

Law-enforcement officials already had their eye on Hong Minh Truong last June when 28 Boston public schools received letters, covered in a white powder, that seemed to warn the schools about threats from three different FBIs - one run by Al-Quaeda, one by Nazis and one by communists - and which discussed various ways to poison people, from using Sarin gas and nitric oxide to mashing up leeches and putting the paste up for sale in food stores.

The powder, which prompted visited to all 28 schools by Boston Fire hazmat teams, proved harmless. Afterwards, according to an affidavit from an FBI special agent in the case, the bureau asked BPS to search the logs of the school-system Web site for any IP numbers that might be from Texas:

The Boston Public Schools provided the FBI with IP addresses from Texas that visited the Boston Public Schools Website during the period of May 1, 2013 to June 3, 2013. The Boston Public Schools IT Department provided information that a Time Warner Cable Subscriber located at 6602 Rosebud Drive, Rowlett, Texas, visited three out of the 28 Boston Public Schools websites during the designated time period. HONG MINH TRUONG was identified as the current resident of 6602 Rosebud Drive, Rowlett, Texas.

TRUONG was documented in a 2002 Dallas Police Department (DPD) Report that stated the following narrative: TRUONG stated that he hears voices in his head. TRUONG stated the FBI, DEA, ATF, and police are after him and beaming radar into his body. TRUONG stated that the voice are telling him to do things he does not want to do. The June 2013 letter received by Boston schools referenced similar statements to those reported in DPD report, "We are terrorist victim from Al-Queada FBI, Communist FBI and Nazi FBI in Texas. We let you all know to aware. They have been forcing and controlling us to do something to harm the America. They conspire against U.S.A. and attack anywhere to murder on many ways Ameican people."

Truong faces up to five years in federal prison on charges of sending out false information and hoaxes.

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That's really sad. He is clearly quite mentally ill and needs help.

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