Boston's bravest

Boston firefighters on Beacon Street

Paul Weiskel photographed firefighters on Beacon Street yesterday.

This morning, firefighters draped black bunting on the Boylston Street firehouse.




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I was in East Boston at 2:40

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I was in East Boston at 2:40 PM, When I saw two fire engines frantically trying to make their way from Eastie's surface streets towards the sumner tunnel, I just knew that there was some major emergency in Boston, because in Eastie you seldom see a fire truck with its emergency sirens blaring going through the tunnel, unless it's an 8 or 9 alarm fire going on in Boston proper, I got home switched on the TV, and it was live on channel 4 WBZTV, there it was on live TV,a dark smoke cloud filling the air covering beacon street, a few hours on social network, rumors that two firefighters were badly injured, along with 13 other fire fighters, around 7:20 pm It was confirmed that two of the firefighters perished in the blaze, These firefighters put their lives on the line each day, when you see a firefighter driving by, wave at them, see a firefighter in person, thank them for their service.

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Thank You for the reminder

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After 9-11 I use to always wave. That was when I realised they are super heroes! Bravery at it's finest!

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