Brim Beanie Bandit back: Bothers bank, bedevils Bureau

Brim Beanie Bandit

The FBI reports the Brim Beanie Bandit struck again on Monday, robbing the South Shore Savings Bank branch in Stoughton at notepoint on Monday.

The bandit, named for the nature of the hats he wears and the fact that he's a bandit, has now robbed five banks since the beginning of last month. He failed in an attempt to extract money from a Bank of America branch in Dorchester.

The FBI says he fled the Stoughton bank on foot after picking up some loot by presenting a demand note to a teller. He wore a lack brim beanie cap, a black jacket and dark pants with black gloves.

Bad boy: Bureau bird-dogs Braintree bank-busting Brim Beanie Bandit.




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