Brush fire along the Neponset brings a fireboat and then the Coast Guard when the drawbridge doesn't open

Fireboat on the Neponset River

Fireboat waiting for a drawbridge opening that never came. Photo by Todd Duval.

A brush fire along the Neponset River just upriver from the Granite Avenue bridge around noon brought a BFD fireboat - which then couldn't reach the fire because the bridge turned out to be stuck.

BFD spokesman Steve MacDonald reports it turned out the river near the fire was too shallow for the boat, anyway, and that the fire burned itself out about an hour later.

News that the bridge couldn't get up brought the Coast Guard and the State Police, to try to see what to do about that, because the Coast Guard requires draw bridges to be able to draw.




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Can't it just trace?

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Drawing is a fairly demanding skill.

Sounds like a phragmite burn off. Those reed things are an invasive from the aulde country and the burn over is just in time to assure lush growth.

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Jurisdiction and the Bridge

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I hope that the jurisdiction for all related woes in this affair lies clearly with the state, and that the Coast Guard can deal directly with them to resolve all issues and prevent any recurrence to the extent possible.

The last thing I'd want to see is a, um, drawn-out situation with bickering between and among the City, Milton, BFD, Coast Guard and (heaven forfend) the likes of BPD and State Police (and what the heck, DCR, MassPort, MP's PD and FD, too!).

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A bridge quarrel is a fabulous opportunity

By on pass the buck at a level rarely reached in other rings of the Masshole Governance circus.

Some drag on for decades. A few may have run for a century. I wonder how waivers work?

The old drawbridge that admits barges to the canal alongside the Kendall Square power plant doesn't look like it's seen a test in a while.

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Smaller boat

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I believe the BFD has a smaller fireboat which could pass under the bridge no problem. In case they are wondering, it is docked at the Peninsula Yacht Club off Summer Street in Southie. It could have been there in 15 minutes tops.

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