Citizen complaint of the day: Crazed turkey running amok on Savin Hill

A concerned citizen reports:

Wild Turkey dodging traffic and dogs on Savin Hill Ave for 2nd straight day. Someone is going to crash trying to avoid it.

Ed. note: At least it's not attacking people.


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Perhaps the same turkey

By on

I saw today on Foundry Street between Broadway Station and Cabot Yard while riding the bus around noon. First one I've seen in Southie, although I have seen raccoons, skunks, opossums and a few deer. Maybe the fox will swing by one day.

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Imagine a day when all birds ...

Fair and fowl, are judged, not by the color of their meat (white or dark!) but by the size of the heart within their breasts.
Do not forsake this young tom back to the wild. Welcome hime to your home, yea, your dining room!

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