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Citizen complaint of the day: East Boston Greenway flooding

Flooded East Boston Greenway

A number of concerned citizens are reporting flooding along the East Boston Greenway today, due to plugged up catch basins and, in one section a drain pipe from a particular basement.


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The base of the footbridge to Airport Station at Bremen St Park is always a small lake when it rains, the drainage grate where it connects to the park is useless. The path to the right (if you're leaving the station) is always like this as well. Meanwhile, Massport is just sitting in their SUVs or creeping behind people in them on the footpaths.

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"due to plugged up catch basins ..."

and, er, rain, and the whole water running downhill thing.

"Status: Resolved. Water now running uphill in this location."

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I'm gonna grab my kayaks and head on down!

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Wow. That's not good, engineering problem looks like, Looks like massport has to pay up and correct the problem,after all they control the park..

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..to Maverick trying to figure out Harborwalk stuff.

I got 1.3 gigs of video and 150 stills. It's fine now. I could see where some of the adjacent grading is half assed and causes bark mulch to wash out of beds and into the catch basins.

The park has all these paranoid gating set ups along the corridor to the Airport Station.

It also has interesting features like a section of dual path, one ostensibly for bikes, one for shanks mare.

But no one pays attention to that shit.

The biggest mistake planners make is assuming people will read signs. We need proximity detectors tied to things that yell like a longshoreman.. "Hey Asshole..get off the path with the bike..." or some such.

We are increasingly indifferent to text.

By the way, it is another place with notable dog hostility. They are banned.. period.

I don't see why, other than that the pooch constituency may have burned the goodwill down.

Thanks for the post, Adam as I overlooked this one. It was a great day hike.

The Natural Areas people did a great job and the mobile contraption at the northern end is easily one of the best I've seen.

No one else has anything up on you tube so it's another search page I'll end up owning for a while.

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