Convicted rapist charged with plying teen with pot, alcohol in bid to have sex


A Malden man was ordered held in lieu of $50,000 bail today on a charge of child enticement for allegedly trying to get a Winthrop 15-year-old to have sex with him, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

According to Winthrop Police and the DA's office:

Rose, who is a Level III sex offender based on prior convictions for rape and assault with intent to rape, was taken into custody after the victim disclosed to an adult that Rose had made advances on the victim. The adult in turn notified Winthrop Police, who interviewed the child. The interview developed further information that Rose had provided the child with alcohol and marijuana and had sought to engage in sexual activity.

Authorities are investigating whether Rose tried this gambit with other teens. Anybody who has evidence that he did can contact their local police or the DA's Child Protection Unit at 617-619-4300.

Rose was convicted of rape in 1978 and assault with intent to commit rape in 1988, according to the state Sexual Offender Registry Board.