Crane in the North End tips over, spills diesel fuel, hydraulic fluid

Tipped crane in Boston's North End

Tipsy crane. Photo by Thomas Ozbolt.

Firefighters responded to 559 Commercial St., where a crane fell over around 11:30 a.m., spilling an estimated 200 gallons of diesel fuel and hydraulic fluid and putting a major dent in a pickup truck across the street.

The Boston Fire Department reports the driver and a passerby were transported to Mass. General for evaluation.

A BFD hazmat crew is on scene. Fire officials say Commercial Street could be shut for most of the day as the mess is cleaned up.

Video of the scene.

Crane plummets to Puopolo Park baseball field.

Another view, by Matt:

Toppled crane

Bottom photo copyright Matt. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.


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Both bike lanes!

... and the car lanes, and the side streets, and the sidewalks, several driveways, and the Hubway station!

Fail Crane believes in Democracy!

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Look what gay marriage has done

By on

Men marrying men. Women marrying women. Trucks trying to marry other trucks. It's a slippery slope (and not just because of the spilled hydraulic fluid).

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God Hates Double Parking

Good thing this didn't happen at 6pm when there are a huge number of people around! That bike lane becomes an "ticket immune" line of about 30 double-parked cars every night. They aren't just "waiting for the kids" either - they leave the vehicles and pull the mirrors in.

That's a threesome in the slippery slope language ...

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