Floors collapse in Chinatown building under construction; one worker trapped

45 Stuart St.

Not supposed to see sky there. Photo by BFD.

An upper floor of the apartment building under construction behind Jacob Wirth on Stuart Street collapsed and fell several floors around 7:50 a.m.

One worker was trapped by steel beams and rebar on the fifth floor of 45 Stuart St. The Boston Fire Department extricated him, reports he suffered a serious head injury. A second worker suffered minor injuries.

Firefighters report two structural beams on the fifth floor show signs of major damage.

Stuart, Washington and Tremont streets were shut. OSHA is on the way.

The AVA Theater District is a $175-million, 398-unit project.




Is anybody else dumbfounded at how quickly this thing is going up? The core was only 5 stories less than 2 months ago and no steel had gone vertical. Now we're all of a sudden at 22-23 stories of concrete and 10 levels of steel? Impressive.

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Based on this webcam of the

Based on this webcam of the old Herald construction site, the crane seems to be intact. (The crane in question is in the upper left hand side of the picture - looking almost adjacent to the W Hotel)


My guess is that one of the floor plates of the level being worked on failed and fell through several floors below.

Doesn't sound like there are any serious injuries, which is very fortunate.

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Huh. Also drove by this on Tremont in the Theater District just as this must have happened, around 7:50. Streets weren't closed yet. Didn't hear anything, but there were cops running/driving the wrong way up Tremont. Nutty morning in Boston.

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