Curley School students learn why they have fire drills when actual fire breaks out

The Curley School in Jamaica Plain was evacuated around 10 a.m. when a trash wheeled trash receptacle being stored in a stairway erupted in flames, the Boston Fire Department reports.

Students were evacuated without incident by the one-alarm fire, BFD spokesman Steve MacDonald said, adding they were allowed back in once the fire was out and the smoke evacuated. He said the cause is under investigation.



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All Too Common

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Using enclosed stairways for storage is all too common in many a municipal building. There appears to never be enough space. Then again, there's never enough time/money to go through and clear out unnecessary items (ie: get rid of files and other paperwork they are legally required to retain).

Trash receptacles in the stairway? Not surprised.

Is it a fire rated enclosed stairway as part of the means of egress? There should be a sprinkler at top and bottom, if the building is sprinklered at all. And yes, no storage allowed in there at all. Even if you build a little wall under that last run and call it a closet. Well, there are ways, but it needs to be a fire-rated separation.

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