DA: Man gunned down by former friend


A Dorchester man was ordered held without bail today on charges he shot Shannon Richardson to death on Dudley Street yesterday afternoon.

Richardson, known to his friends as Cannon, had just turned onto Dudley from Humphreys Street around 1:25 p.m. when Peter Carvalho, 25, went up to him and fired several rounds into him, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office says, adding the two used to be friends.

He made it into a nearby store, where he collapsed before being rushed to Boston Medical Center and dying of his injuries.

Not long after, two police officers on routine patrol spotted Carvalho - whom they recognized - running as he clutched his waistband. They chased him down Dudley - and right into the same store where Richardson still lay, dying - the DA's office says.

Innocent, etc.



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