DA: West Roxbury man arrested on fourth Mass. OUI charge while sexing up a hooker in a minivan off Blue Hill Avenue

Paul Griffin, 48, was arraigned today in Roxbury District Court on OUI as a fourth offense, paying for sexual conduct, operating with a license suspended for OUI, operating without insurance and a license plate violation. He was released on his own recognizance, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Griffin was conviced of OUI in 1990 and 1995. His first OUI conviction, in 1984, was continued without a finding, the DA's office says, adding his license was suspended after a drunk-driving arrest in New Hampshire in 2012.

According to prosecutors, police were patrolling the area of Blue Hill Avenue and Woodcliff Street - an area known as a place for men to go for paid loving - around 1 a.m. on Saturday when they

Observed a woman run from a bus shelter into a green Dodge Caravan that officers determined had a revoked registration. As a result, they followed the vehicle to a desolate and poorly lit area on Woodbine Street, where officers found the two engaged in sexual activity.

When asked for his license and registration, Griffin allegedly told police that he had neither. Officers detected a strong odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle as Griffin spoke and observed that he had glassy eyes and slurred speech, prosecutors said. When asked to exit the vehicle, Griffin appeared unsteady on his feet and had to hold onto the vehicle to keep his balance.

In statements to the officers, Griffin allegedly said that they couldn't arrest him because "the car wasn’t running." Asked how the vehicle had gotten to its current location, Griffin allegedly said "someone drove the car here."

The woman he was allegedly murmuring sweet nothings to, 25, homeless and "known to police," will appear on a sex-for-fee charge in Roxbury District Court at a later date.

Innocent, etc.




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If "His first OUI conviction, in 1984, was continued without a finding" then it was not a conviction, but a dismissal.

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MA law gives you a mulligan on your first OUI, but if you're charged again it counts as a conviction.

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A T groper got $5,000 bail

for grabbing an ass, while this (allegedly) drunk ass has money for hookers and booze (not for insurance), yet no bail was set.

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