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DA: West Roxbury man killed father by shooting him repeatedly

Sometime last week, a Suffolk County prosecutor says, Mark Regan died in his bed at 105 Perham St. when his son, also named Mark Regan, fired several shots into him.

The younger Regan, 33, was ordered held without bail today at his arraignment in West Roxbury District Court.

Assistant District Attorney David Fredette said the younger Regan was seen at his father's house Wednesday, two days before police found the body - after somebody asked them to check on the elder Regan's well being.

Fredette said that some of the father's co-workers visited the house on Wednesday to see how he was doing, that the son was there and that when they asked where his father was, he replied "he must have been out with his friends."

Somebody called police to request they check on the father's well being. On Friday morning, police arrived at his house and found him dead - and his son hiding in the attic - Fredette said.

The prosecutor added police also found a gun under an attic floorboard. Although police have yet to test the weapon, it appears to be the one used in the murder, Fredette said. Fredette did not offer a motive for the killing

Regan listened quietly as the case against him was read, clad in a white jumpsuit. He was already on probation after serving a 2 1/2-year jail sentence following a 2010 conviction in Suffolk Superior Court conviction for unlawful possession of a firearm and assault with a dangerous weapon, the DA's office reports.

Innocent, etc.

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