Dead car on the Green Line

Car on the Green Line at BC

An actual car, at BC, as photographed around 7:15 p.m. by Josh Gottlieb.



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Years ago...

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...that little spot was paved up to the top of the rails. Sometime in the late '90's they took that pavement out so cars couldn't drive through there and block the trolleys. Cars have been getting stuck in that hole ever since. I understand the idea was probably to force the car drivers to go where they're supposed to go. It was always fun driving a truck around that left turn only to get cut off by a car trying to use the tracks to overtake you on the inside of the turn - I had more than a few close calls there while driving trucks for BC. After they rebuilt the tracks and removed the paving, then you just got to enjoy the show as people go stuck and had to get pulled out by a tow truck...or a T inspector taking matters into their own hands and using a Suburban to pull em out.

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