Did the inventor of the first successful navy submarine blow himself up in Boston Harbor?

Mike Dash introduces us to the strange story of James McClintock, a Confederate engineer who built the H.L. Hunley, a submarine that sank the Union ship Housatonic in 1864 and who later showed up in Boston to work with a conman on recruiting investors for a new type of naval mine. McClintock disappeared after an explosion in Boston Harbor in 1879. But did he die?




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In other nautical news ,

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In other nautical news ,
MBTA to launch weekend service on Hingham-Boston ferry

The MBTA announced it will launch weekend commuter boat service for the first time between Hingham and Boston later this month, officials said.

The service, which will run between May 24 and Columbus Day weekend, will make 14 round trips each Saturday and Sunday between Hingham and Boston’s Long Wharf. The boats will also make stops at Hull, George’s Island, and Logan Airport, according to MBTA general manager Beverly Scott.


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Thanks for the link to this blog. I wasn't familiar with it. The author makes a better case, I think, that it was the imposter who turned up in Philadelphia the year after the explosion. But the story line of someone who may have faked his own death makes for good speculation.

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