Dorchester men, Hyde Park apartment linked to ring whose enhanced heroin killed Braintree addict

Two men from Dorchester were among four indicted last week on federal charges of running a heroin ring out of a Hyde Park triple decker.

According to a court filing, Osvaldo Ortiz-Ventara, 23, and Weslley Hernandez, 25, served as couriers for the ring. They allegedly delivered the fatal dose of heroin laced with fentanyl and an animal painkiller to an intermediary who sold it to a Braintree man whose girlfriend found him dead of an overdose in January.

Ortiz-Ventara is now in federal custody on charges of conspiracy to distribute heroin and distribution of heroin. Hernandez, charged with the same offenses, is on the run, the FBI and the US Attorney's office in Boston report.

Also indicted: The alleged ringleader, known to authorities as Cesar Gonzalez, and Kevin Sanderson, 28, of Quincy, to whom Ortiz-Ventara and Hernandez allegedly delivered heroin at his job at a Braintree car dealership, including the dose that killed Steven Radeos.

Radeos's cell phone allegedly led authorities to Sanderson, who in turn agreed to collect evidence against Gonzalez - in part by making more than 20 additional purchases from him after Radeos's death.

Court documents say that Gonzalez's brother continued the operation from an apartment at 1455 River St. in Hyde Park even after his brother was arrested.

According to an affidavit filed by a Braintree detective who investigated the ring, Gonzalez knew his drugs were more potent than usual; he even color coded his wares based on how strong they were.

Sanderson, in turn, allegedly warned Radeos via a text message to be careful with the $100 worth of the heroin he was about to deliver:

And bro no joke this shit is fire. Be careful and don't think your superman with this shit. This shit will knock you on your ass.

Shortly before 6 a.m. on Jan. 24, Radeos's girlfriend called 911 to report her boyfriend's apparent overdose, the affidavit states. EMTs took him to Quincy Medical Center, where he died the next day.

A small amount of heroin and a large-gauge needle were found on the bathroom floor next to Radeos' body and seized by BPD. The heroin was analyzed by the DEA laboratory and determined to contain Fentanyl and the animal painkiller Dipryone.





The only thing about this that offends me

Is that the seller, while meticulous in managing his inventory and in awareness of his wares, didn't apparently offer an ingredient list to his customer. Maybe the buyer would have thought twice about consuming animal painkiller.

Otherwise, sounds like a consenting adult bought a product from another adult. Somebody in our community is going to supply heroin to people who demand it, since that's how economies work.

It takes two to tango, and we've removed from this overpopulated world somebody who is stupid enough to put something into their bloodstream not given to them by a physician. Now, instead of sending a cop after the dealer, how about we send the Massachusetts Department of Revenue to collect $6.25 on the sale of the $100 heroin?

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Thanks Will, I know you were being sarcastic but...

I was gonna say this..

Yeah I don't wanna be 'oh poor addicts getting bunk shit' but seriously.. the addict wanted heroin. Instead he got a bunch of crap that killed him. Yeah, its sad. Yes, drug users do know this when shooting crap into their veins. But really it's a stupid dealer..

They knew this crap was garbage when they sold it. Stupid drug dealers, you kill off your customers, they aren't going to come back! duh. Business Sales 101: No Customers = No Sales = No Income

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I don't think...

... he WAS being sarcastic. He really does seem to want all sorts of "undesirables" to either die or be executed.

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Good job BPD

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And by BPD I mean Braintree PD

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Err ..

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New usage of the word "enhanced" with which I am previously unacquainted.

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