Essex County put under quarantine

Emerald ash borer

The state yesterday announced all of Essex County goes under a tree and wood quarantine next week to try to keep destructive emerald ash borers from jumping from there to the rest of Eastern Massachusetts - such as the streets of Boston, where ash trees are common in street plantings.

The quarantine order means that certain products will be regulated from moving outside the contained area, including all hardwood firewood (any piece of wood smaller than 48”), all ash nursery stock and any ash lumber that has not been treated. Proper wood treatments include the removal of bark and half an inch of wood, dry kiln sterilization, fumigation and heat treatments.

The bugs, native to China, first showed up in Dalton in 2012, then were discovered in Essex County last year.


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I got a 'pest report'

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from a UNH wildlife researcher a week ago.

There is a similar looking iridescent green tree beetle around but it has a different activity cycle.

These things are a handful.

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