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Franklin Park Zoo gets anonymous $1 million donation for new children's zoo

Zoo New England announced today somebody who wants to stay anonymous has given $1 million towards the cost of building a new "Nature's Neighborhoods" children's zoo in Franklin Park.

Zoo New England had already raised $5.65 million in pledges towards the cost of the new children's zoo, announced earlier this year as a more interactive series of exhibits to introduce kids to animals and the environments they live in.

The anonymous gift is the largest single gift in Zoo New England's history.

The new children's zoo, which will replace the current children's exhibits, is also backed by a $3 million capital investment by the city's George Robert White Fund.



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I love Franklin Park Zoo, and it provides a great service to the kids in the neighborhood. What a wonderful thing to do.

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Such a great story. Thank you, anonymous donor! My daughter is going to get an unbelievable amount of mileage out of this.

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Franklin Zoo should be providing a great service to the whole region, not just the children of the neighborhood. I hope this gets it a little closer to that goal.

It might help if the city actually followed up on making the area outside the zoo safe and pleasant to be around (both the neighborhood and the rusted out metal shards that used to be bear cages).

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