Government Center artist found; in talks with T over what to do with her murals

Government Center mural

An MBTA spokesman reports T staff today contacted artist Mary Beams, who painted a series of murals installed in the Government Center T stop in 1979, after somebody who heard about the search alerted the T that she now helps run a pie bakery and restaurant in Grand Marais, MN.

The T is demolishing the current station to make way for a new one and doesn't plan to re-install the murals.

A spokesman reports:

She painted them in 1978. They were originally supposed to go in North Station but that didn't happen due to space constraints, so they were installed at Government Center instead (in 1979). MBTA staff had a very good conversation with her. There will be discussions over the course of the next weeks on what future course of action will be taken.



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Amazing that she was found so

Amazing that she was found so quickly!

Now I know where to get pies if I ever find myself way the hell up Minnesota.

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The Pie Place

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Their rhubarb pie is outstanding!!!

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