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Grooversity Festival 2014

Grooversity Fired uP Taiwan! 2013 Tour Highlights

Grooversity Festival 2014. Saturday, November 15, 1:00-6:30 pm. Free and open to all, with live streaming; prizes available for on site and online attendees. East Somerville Community School, 50 Cross St., Somerville, MA 02145. For information: 917-719-0127, http://www.grooversity.com/festival.

"World drumming for entertainment, education and social change" ... the Grooversity motto and the incentive behind what has now become the annual Grooversity Festival, presented by and for the Somerville community, yet open to everyone worldwide, to anyone who wants and needs to get their positive groove on.

Master groover Marcus Santos spearheads this festival, which this year features performances by Ben Paulding & master Ashanti drummer Emmanuel Attah Poku, Bloco AfroBrazil, Sheboom, and World Percussion Ensembles from the Somerville Public Schools.

The afternoon will also be offering workshops given by master drummers Bas Janssen, Gino Figliola, Marcus Santos, Saturday With Sticks: Fabrizio Cavallaro, and Sergio Bellotti. In other words, East Somerville will be the rhythmical place to be, either physically or virtually.

Background information:

Grooversity's founder Marcus Santos, hand drummer originally from Brazil, has developed an innovative and creative drumming system, geared for both education and entertainment purposes. His techniques promote community outreach and social change by targeting diversity awareness. Within the past ten years, his fun, interactive, and inclusive percussive vision has spread worldwide, creating a network of people of all ages from different ethnic backgrounds. Visit http://www.grooversity.com to discover Santos' world and all it has to offer in appreciating diversity, supporting civil rights, encouraging self-esteem, and last but not least, having a great time!

"You're about to witness a loose yet incredibly tight ensemble applauded by fans worldwide." (AfroBrazil introduction at Montreal Drum Festival)

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