A guide to Boston after the zombies attack

No more Swan Boats after the zombies arrive

Joystick Chik has written a zombie walking tour of Boston to go with The Last of Us, a 2013 video game about two people fighting their way though a post-apocalyptic landscape, including Boston.

H/t Jared May.




Worst offense in that game

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Worst offense in that game was calling the statehouse the "capitol building" and randomly placing downtown skyscrapers on the distant Back Bay skyline.

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Minor, compared to details

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The best part of the game was the level of detail put into each environment, each building, each room.

When you are walking out of the tunnels in the first part of the game, there is a sign on the side that is an exact replica of the sign for the 93 ramp from 90. That made me stop for a minute.

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Not offensive, but disorienting

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They really did a excellent job at capturing the flavor of Boston, and a few historical landmarks. Even "Bills Town" right after felt like strolling through a Boston suburb close or outside of the 128 ring.

The skyline though was very disorienting, with signature buildings placed haphazardly to fill in the sky box. Using those to navigate in real life dialed up the uncanny valley to 11.

I wish the Boston docks were a little more true to Charlestown or South Boston. Other than they, bravo ND. I also want to know how those Swan boats got swept up Beacon Hill.

To anyone interested, this one is listed as many peoples "Game of a Generation". Has a very tight, story driven plot that did not disappoint and very serviceable game-play.

Here's the pike:

She also missed the Old State House:


One Financial:

One International (sort of)

BOA building and a few others make an appearance, but couldn't find any screen caps.

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