Merry Allston Christmas

A joyous Allston Christmas

Somebody put out the welcome mat for returning students on Comm. Ave.

We made our annual Allston Christmas trek up to Allston and Brighton today. And while we possibly missed out on the most joyous part of the season (that would be tomorrow, of course), there was still plenty to see - including some guys throwing a couch off a second-floor porch on an Allston Street side street (it bounced).

Comm. Ave. couch fort:

Couch fort

What better way to move a microwave than on a skateboard?

Microwave on a skateboard

On Kelton Street, the driver of a rental van somehow managed to smack into a stationary truck with his right front fender. The guys with the truck were more surprised than angry and gave him helpful advice: "Put it in reverse! R!"

Van vs. truck

Just down the street from van-vs-truck was an RCN ice-cream truck, with like 3 RCN dudes, which was roughly triple the number of RCN signer uppers we'd ever seen in past years in Allston. As we walked down Comm. Ave., every few feet a red-shirted Comcastian would walk up the kidlet, now basically college sized, and ask if she needed service (just like that, "service," not "cable service" or "Internet service"). I waved 'em all off with a dismissive "thanks, but we've got RCN").

All that moving on a humid day can tucker a guy out:

Tired mover

In the BC turn lane on Chestnut Hill Avenue at Comm. Ave.:



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