Helen Mirren does Harvard Square

Helen Mirren

Photographynatalia watched the Hasty Pudding parade through Harvard Square today.

Copyright Photographynatalia. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.


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Helen Mirren has an amazing ability to project an image of dignity no matter her surroundings!

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Can we stop now with these guys?

Hasty Pudding Member 1: "Who do you want to meet?"

Hasty Pudding Member 2 : "How about Anna Kendrick? This is the only way she would talk to someone like me."

Hasty Pudding Member 3: "Isn't great that people pay attention to us because its Harvard and then we go to New York and Bermuda and put on the most farcical productions."

Everyone guffaws.

Hasty Pudding Member 4(Running Into Room): "Anna Kendrick's people said no."

Collective: "Crap"

Hasty Pudding Member 1: "I thought being a drama nerd at Harvard would open a lot of doors for me."

Hasty Pudding Member 4: "Kate Upton's people said no as well."

Collective: "Groan"

Hasty Pudding Member 5: "Guys, we got someone famous to come."

Collective: "Hooray!"

Everyone goes back to Adams House to work on the book for Crimson Is The New Green and giggle at how witty they are.

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Not jealous of anything

I used to sell tickets in that firetrap before they renovated it. Bad puns and too much J Press. Nice pool room though.

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There's a reason they call it "sophomoric wit"

But to be fair to them, the Hasty Pudding has had some real talent pass through its ranks. From Wikipedia:

"Pudding graduates are leaders in the fields of writing, directing, and performing in theater, television, movies and the other arts. The last three winners of the prestigious annual Ed Kleban Award for achievement in lyric writing have each been Pudding graduates. Pudding librettist Mark O'Donnell won a Tony Award in 2003 for co-authoring the book for Hairspray. He also co-authored the book for the Broadway musical Cry-Baby; its lyrics were penned by fellow Pudding alum David Javerbaum, who has won eight Emmy Awards as head writer for The Daily Show -- which also featured comedian Mo Rocca, a former Pudding librettist and President. Pudding Actor Jerry Colker won the Drama Desk Award for authoring the book for the Off-Broadway musical Three Guys Naked From the Waist Down. Actress Rashida Jones (seen in Parks and Recreation, The Office, Boston Public, and the film I Love You, Man) co-composed the score of the show during her senior year. Paris Barclay wrote two Pudding shows and later won two Emmys for directing NYPD Blue. Pudding actor and composer Laurence O'Keefe wrote the music and lyrics for the Off-Broadway show Bat Boy: The Musical; and he and his wife, Pudding librettist Nell Benjamin co-wrote the score to the Broadway musical Legally Blonde. Pudding bookwriter Mark O'Keefe co-wrote and co-produced the movies Bruce Almighty and Click."

Not my cup of tea, but a fair number of people outstanding in their particular fields.

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I saw the Pudding show once,

By on

I saw the Pudding show once, and that was more than enough for me.

The weirdest part was the audience: drunk older people in fancy clothes, laughing way too hard at the bad jokes.

If you want to see some great student theater, there are plenty of other places to get it at Harvard.

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Not surprising!

Not surprising men who dress as women would be up for so many Tony awards and choose Doogie Houser as their man of the year. Alum not mentioned was Conan Obrien whose childish facial expressions and voices still aren't funny. He would do better as a Saturday morning remake of Pee Wee's Playhouse for the under 10 audience.

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Yes, Conan O'Brien is so unfunny that

TBS gave him a contract in 2010 for $12M/year, since extended through 2015. His net worth is probably in the neighborhood of $100M. What a miserable failure.

Let me see if I'm reading between the lines there, Markk: are you suggesting that some the great talents of Broadway musical theater might be gay? Man, that's some crazy insight you have there.

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