If you're drunk, stumbling around outside John Kerry's home with a camera probably not the best of ideas


A Russian national who was picked up for drunken loutishness in Louisburg Square while allegedly trying to take photos of John Kerry's house last summer now faces child porn charges as well - due to an investigation into allegedly threatening comments he made following his arrest.

Vladimir Romanov, 30, currently living in Brighton, was arraigned this morning in Boston Municipal Court on six counts of possession of child pornography, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports, adding he was indicted on the charges by a Suffolk County grand jury last week.

Federal agents say they found images on Romanov's laptop during an investigation into statements he allegedly made following his arrest on a public drunkenness charge on July 14 that he was not just taking photos but that he was involved in a plot against Kerry, the DA's office says:

Based on this information, Diplomatic Security agents launched an investigation that included, among other things, executing a federal search warrant for relevant evidence on Romanov’s laptop computer. When they found graphic images of prepubescent children on the hard drive, agents halted the search until they obtained a second search warrant to examine the computer specifically for child pornography.

The forensic examinations revealed numerous images of child pornography. Investigators were able to determine that Romanov downloaded hundreds of the files while logged into VK - described by [Assistant DA Luke] Goldworm as a Russian equivalent of Facebook, as well as his email address.

A Boston Municipal Court judge agreed with Goldworm to set bail at $25,000, require Romanov to wear a GPS device should he make bail, surrender his Russian passport, have no contact with children under age 16, not live with children under age 16, not take part in employment that puts him in contact with children under 16, only use the Internet for work purposes and only with prior knowledge of probation officers, and allow random searches of his computers and electronic devices.

Innocent, etc.





No it isn't required

But since your being lazy:

MGL, Ch. 272, s.59

Boston City Ordinance 16-12.28

16-12.28 Drinking of Alcoholic Beverages in Public.
No person shall drink any alcoholic beverage as defined in Chapter 138, Section 1 of the General Laws of the State, or possess an open container, full or partially full, of any alcoholic beverages, while on, in or upon any public way, upon any way to which the public has right of access, in any place to which members of the public have access as invitees or licensees, in any park or playground, conservation area or recreation area, on private land or place without consent of the owner or person in control thereof.
(CBC 1975 Ord. T14 § 312; Ord. 1982 c. 21 s 1; Ord. 1982 c. 23 s 1)

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pellet guns

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are not illegal, 18+,in MA.

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Sometimes I wish I had a more interesting name.

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If the movie US Marshals has

If the movie US Marshals has taught me anything, its don't mess with DSS, it won't end well for you (unless you've got Tommy Lee Jones kinda sorta on your side)

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Child pornography?!

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A child pornography charge is the scarlet letter and the perfect charge for putting away someone that somebody else really doesn't like. In this case, that somebody else is John Kerry. Somebody gets accused of having child pornography and nobody questions anything after that because you'd now be defending a guy that was accused of looking at child pornography if you were to defend him.

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