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It's tough filming in the rain

Chris Rich photographed the filming of establishing shots for an ABC Family series in Inman Square today, even as it rained.

Copyright Chris Rich. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.

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That doesn't look like the North End.

It does look like an April shower.

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But then crusadingly digs for the truth all over the Boston area, in between chemo treatments.

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..the abnormally large police details for movie shoots.

In retrospect, after my various sputterings in the earlier related post, the city did get the better of whatever production outfit handled this.

The hastily fitted signs on all the parking meters and whatnot indicated a 7am to 6pm ordeal.

That's probably just the minimum acceptable permit frame.

The reality was they showed up at 6am with a swarm of stuff in time to make an utter hash of rush hour.

But the whole circus was packed up and gone by 9 to 10 except for the huge 18 wheeler in front of my building which stayed til 3pm or so.


The location focus seemed to be that first block of Cambridge street with the 1369, the Druid and Lilypad.

That makes sense as it is a very photogenic little block while my block on Hampshire is sort of drab with my building easily winning the ugliest dump prize.

They probably spent more time on set up and take down than they did on filming, if they even did any.

My various detractors can derive some satisfaction knowing I locked myself out at 6am in my citizen journalist zeal but, alas, I didn't suffer too much because the kindly locksmith, Marty, lives next door and I just had to chill a bit til he got up at 7.

All in all it was quite an adventure for a tubby little old twerp but my general loathing of TV industry dreck remains intact.

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I'd hate like hell for that lightpole to be abducted in broad daylight

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