Large bird cripples Northeast Corridor train service in Hyde Park

A bird met its demise this evening on the front of a speeding outbound Amtrak train just north of Hyde Park station. The train came to a halt - at first it was unclear if the train had hit a person or a bird, until first responders found a large number of feathers embedded in the train. Service on both Amtrak and MBTA commuter-rail lines was halted for close to an hour.




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Oh you

Your slanderous questions serve no intellectual purpose and our malign our noble rafter as we rightfully seek justice and liberation for our ancestral lands from colonial oppressors like you!

You humans are only jealous of our capability of masterfully majestic flight, with our mighty, graceful, and powerful wings, and seek to divert attention away from your failings as a species in a manner which allows for an assault on our character. SHAME ON YOU ALL!

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By on

I prefer carbon based life form.

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I'm guessing bad...

Turbine blades are tough, but you still have the bird in the engine. So, lose power, day goes to hell, I guess.

Hey internet engineers...can you design a grate like a cow catcher on the old trains? Cause I totally bet no one ever thought of that before.

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Ernie Boch Jr.?

What would happen if a corporate jet sucked in a turkey? Like, when preparing to take off?

it would all depend on whether it was near Thanksgiving. Are we talking about Ernie Boch Jr. or a conventional turkey?

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