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Liquor logjam ends: Restaurants in Hyde Park, Roslindale get liquor licenses

The Boston Licensing Board has granted full liquor licenses to a proposed Italian restaurant on Fairmount Avenue in Hyde Park and an under-construction bistro on South Street in Roslindale - and voted to let an existing Dominican restaurant on Fairmount Avenue expand from beer and wine to all types of liquor.

Antonio's Bacaro on Fairmount and Derna's on South Street got new licenses, and Rincon Caribeno an expanded license, under a new state law that will give Boston 75 liquor licenses over the next three years for neighborhoods outside Boston Proper and the waterfront.

Sonia and Joseph Garufi, who own Sofia's Grotto in Roslindale, plan to bring similar cuisine to Hyde Park with Antonio's Bacaro, where the Hyde and Dottie's used to be.

Stephen Judge, who owns Delfino in Roslindale, is expanding the small Derna's breakfast nook into the old clothing store next door - and across the street from Delfino - into a new all-day restaurant with a patio that would serve light fare with a few Italian dishes.

Rincon Caribeno owner Javier Diaz has applied several times in the past for a full liquor license, but the board never had one to dole out.

Earlier this year, the state legislature approved the new licenses, which can only be used in Dorchester, Roxbury or Mattapan or in commercial areas designated as "Main Street" districts by the city. Both Fairmount Avenue and Roslindale Square are covered by Main Street districts - which means Seven Star Bistro in Roslindale is out of luck since it is a few blocks outside the Roslindale Village Main Street boundaries.



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Rental apartments????

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...from a very selfish and provincial perspective

I live on Fairmount Hill. Logan Square and by extension Clearly Square can use the biz and options, both for locals and to attract traffic.

I think the only people who won't be pleased are the many cops who want a cheap diner (Dottie's) again.

Plus, weekend computer rail on the Fairmount line starts 11/29 and could easily bring more folk. Over at the Fairmount Grille, owner Chris tells folk he sees the new restaurant with a license as a big plus for everyone and not just as competition for him.

Hail, Sophia's East, a.k.a. Antonio's.

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Thats great news for HP. Cant wait to support these new local businesses.

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