Looks like Legal Seafood has cleared up all the issues with Todd English's old liquor license in City Square

Legal Oysteria opening soon in City Square

Jocelyn noticed a new Help Wanted sign in the window of the erstwhile Olives today.

Back in January, Roger Berkowitz himself appeared before the Boston Licensing Board seeking permission to open an Italan-themed seafood bar in the space seized by the landlord for non-payment of rent - using the liquor license he also seized - only to be told the license might be in legal limbo due to similar legal wrangling over English's unpaid tab for leasing space at Faneuil Hall Marketplace for an equally defunct eatery.




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Legal and Wal-Foods seem to

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Legal and Wal-Foods seem to be competing to see who can be the next Blockbuster in terms of totally flooding the market with overpriced substandard crap.

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Not a giant Legal fan, now that our options

are expanding, but comparing it to Wal-Mart is an unwarranted cheap shot. I'm far likelier to be at Island Creek Oyster Bar, Neptune Oyster, Row 34, or one of Chinatown's Hong Kong style live-tank joints when I want fresh fish done more artfully than the typical beach shack, but despite some chainy middlebrow-ness and the cheesiness of some of his concepts (e.g., LTK), Berkowitz at least has excellent quality control on his seafood.

Some of his dishes happen to be really good, too, like the fish chowder, though I wish they'd bring back the smoked bluefish pâté. And when you can get in, the rooftop bar at Legal Harborside is a great place for a drink.

At least Berkowitz pays his bills, unlike the Toddster, who routinely screws over his employees, purveyors and landlords when his latest shitshow goes belly-up.

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And, Berkowitz is building

And, Berkowitz is building his empire in Boston. I believe that his fish-processing and storage facility (if that's the correct name) is in Allston or Brighton. Todd English seemed ready to jump ship to a global empire. At least Berkowitz is keeping it local.

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