Man charged with stabbings outside Central Square restaurant

Cambridge Police report officers had just broken up a fight outside Moksa, 450 Mass. Ave., early Saturday when another fight broke out, this time involving a man in the mood to get stabby on his adversaries.

Abdias Aime, 32, of Medford, was charged with stabbing one man repeatedly in the back and slicing another in the hand in the 1:45 a.m. incident, police say:

Upon their arrival, officers located two individuals fighting and a crowd of approximately 80-100 bystanders outside of the restaurant. Multiple police units soon arrived on scene and assisted in breaking up the fight. After the crowd was dispersed, another fight broke out involving three males. ...

Police believe that the stabbing was the result of an altercation between the victims and Aime prior to the stabbing and was not a random act.

Both stabbing victims are expected to survive, police say.



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Near Salvation Army

Perhaps this incident is less related to Pan Asian cuisine at Moksa than to the Salvation Army a few feet away?

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No, it is due to the fact

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No, it is due to the fact that it turns into a club at night. No way 80-100 people are just watching a fight because Salvation army is there.

Just google the dude. LOL.

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