Man falls on tracks at Mass. Ave.; bystanders swoop down and save him

Chad Gowey reports on the incident shortly before 8 p.m. at the Massachusetts Avenue stop on the Orange Line:

Blown away by the two strangers we just saw rescuing a disoriented commuter from the tracks

Police report the man became disoriented and fell. He didn't come into contact with the third rail, was taken to a local hospital to be checked out.




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Well someone has to do it..

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Well someone has to do it.. My friend said he once saw someone fall onto tracks and a bystander jumped down to save him only to be yelled at and scolded by an Mbta man who wasn't going to help.

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WHDH reports it was a woman

age 44 who walked right off the edge of the platform, as seen on MBTA video. So much money wasted on ineffective road bump outs yet nothing for open pits with exposed high voltage wiring.

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