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Max's Maps Miss MBTA Contest Deadline

As any good uhuber is aware, the MBTA conducted a subway map redesign contest early last year, the results of which were released about a year ago to little fanfare. Apparently Professor Maxwell Roberts of the University of Essex, famous for user-unfriendly maps of the NYC subway, thinks he can do better. Boston Magazine reports on the fine doctor's latest cartographical adventure and his opinion of the newly revised MBTA map currently in use:

. . . I was astonished at the winner, one of the most geographically distorting transit maps in the USA. Why are New Yorkers so sensitive to distortion, and Bostonians apparently indifferent?

I have to agree with him about his own designs, though:

My own favorites? Tough choice. . . The curvy map really suits the system well

IMAGE( <a href="http://www.tubemapcentral.com/newsletters/files/boston_curvy.jpg">http://www.tubemapcentral.com/newsletters/files/boston_curvy.jpg</a> )



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not sure how to get the image to show up. any advice would be appreciated.

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