A mayor takes the oath of office

John Collins taking the oath of office in Boston, 1960

On Jan. 6, 1964, John Collins took the oath of office for his second term as mayor of Boston in a ceremony at Symphony Hall, as shown in this photo from the Boston City Archives. That's Cardinal Richard Cushing in the center. Anybody know who was swearing Collins in?

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Captioning for hard of hearing. Inauguration of Boston Mayor.

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Captioning on video for hard of hearing folks... Inauguration of Mayor Walsh, Monday 6 January 2014
Mike Lynch, Cable & E-Gov
Boston Dept. of Innovation and Technology (DoIT)
tel 617-635-2737
cell 617-908-8142
mike.lynch at boston.gov


Afterward, ask for the Captioned broadcasts full Captioning text, email
mike.lynch at boston.gov

Captioning for hard of hearing folks on video of Public Meetings
of Boston City Council... a project underway.

Stenographic Record of Public Meetings of Boston City Council
is an alternative more accurate resource for hard of hearing folks.

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Made me look

Der Glob carried several (surprisingly brief) articles. To your question, that would be the SJC Chief Justice Raymond S. Wilkins.

The real news was not surprising. The lege had stiffed municipalities and was refusing to add even a temp sales tax to keep them afloat. The mayor's address was an act of fulmination and fustigation. Over a dozen other mayors joined Collins in charges and pleas.

I notice also that "all three commercial television channels" plus several radio stations would carry the address live.

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Stand while taking the oath, dammit!

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I jest, of course, as Mayor Collins proved that being taken down by polio by no means meant being taken down from living.

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