Milton man charged as Theater District double backstabber

Njisane Chambers, 26, of Milton, had bail set at $25,000 at his arraignment on charges he stabbed a man and a woman in the back at closing time outside Rumor and Venu on Warrenton Street early Saturday, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Police doing closing-time crowd control outside the bars came upon a woman lying on the ground, with two men grappling with each other above her, the DA's office says:

As officers attempted to break up the fight, one of the men repeatedly shouted that the other man, later identified as Chambers, had stabbed the woman.

"This [expletive] just stabbed my girlfriend," he exclaimed before briefly breaking free and attempting to grab Chambers.

During the struggle, both men and one officer fell to the ground. As officers handcuffed Chambers, a black folding knife with the blade open was found on the ground, prosecutors said.

Once Chambers was in custody, officers were approached by a man who informed police that he, too, had been stabbed, and pointed out Chambers as the man who had stabbed him and the female victim.

Both victims are expected to survive, as is Chambers, who was also taken to a local hospital with cuts on his leg, the DA's office reports.

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Why aren't there greater

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Why aren't there greater penalties for Knife Violence? A deadly weapon is a deadly weapon!

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