Minimalist space saver in East Boston

Hawaiian Punch as space saver in East Boston

Blythe the roving UHub photographer marvels at the Hawaiian Punch bottle being used to save a (completely unplowed) space in her neck of the East Boston woods today. Throw in some frozen Snickers bars and you've got a party.



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Is this Leydon St?

Leydon St was disgusting a few days ago. It hadn't snowed in a few days, there were more space savers than cars, almost none of the saved spaces were shoveled, and some of the savers were even snow covered. One saver consisted of a child's plastic bucket for the beach. I only wish I had the time on my hands to go around picking up people's litter on the streets. I could maybe make alot of money selling cones in bulk on eBay.

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