Morons, Inc.: Hotheaded loudmouth gets a club in trouble

A man who claimed a bouncer at a Theater District club grabbed him by the neck and threw him down stairs actually wound up at Tufts Medical Center with injuries caused by smashing his own head repeatedly into a wall after being ejected for inserting himself in an argument between two people he didn't even know, police say.

A police officer who happened to be in the Tufts ER early on June 7 told the Boston Licensing Board the man came in with cuts and blood all over his face. The man told the officer the head of security at Nick's/Venu on Warrenton Street grabbed him by the hair, smashed his face into a wall and threw him down stairs three times before finally booting him outside.

However, after reviewing security video from the club as part of his own investigation, Det. Richard Chin told the board, he came to agree with Nick's/Venu that the story was completely different:

The man came in alone around 1:25 a.m., When he heard two women - neither of whom he knew - "having a little disagreement over the World Cup," he interjected himself into that, Chin said.

He started pushing and shoving and tried to fight with other patrons. Security escorted him outside and then, Chin said, video showed him "banging his head on the side of a wall." Sheldon Cohen, director of operations for the club, added the guy also punched a light pole.

He left but returned an hour later, this time shirtless, Chin and Cohen said, before apparently wandering over to the nearby Tufts Medical Center.

Licensing Board member Suzanne Ianella said she was a bit troubled by clubs and bars being issued citations for "assault and battery, employee on patron" even when the evidence shows it was the other way around.

The board decides Thursday what action, if any, to take.

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A bit troubled?

To whom are you talking down, Suzanne? The bar industry, or the police industry?

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theyre a bunch of insufferable drunks anyway

though the bar industry probably arent a bad set of people

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Bar will lose again

By on

Club will most likely lose it's lic. for 2 days because the bouncers drove him to hurt himself. And adult from the "time out" era.....

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