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North Shore college loses local contract as it tries to discriminate against lesbians, gays

Salem Mayor Kim Driscoll has terminated Gordon College's contract to manage the city-owned Old Town Hall over its efforts to continue sucking at the federal teat even if the president signs an executive order banning discrimination against gays and lesbians. In a letter to the college president, Driscoll writes:

I am truly disappointed in the stance you have taken, which plainly discriminates against the rights of LGBT individuals, both on and off campus. These actions fly in the face of the City of Salem’s Non-Discrimination Ordinance, which prohibits our municipality from contracting with entities that maintain discriminatory practices. While I respect your rights to embed religious values on a private college campus, religious freedom does not afford you the right to impose those beliefs upon others and cannot be extended into a publicly owned facility or any management contract for a publicly owned facility, like Old Town Hall. Moreover, I hope you realize how hurtful and offensive these “behavioral standards” are to members of the greater Salem LGBT community, some of whom are Gordon alumni, staff and/or students.

In financial terms, the move probably won't hurt the college much, since the city had already been scheduled to take over the facility at the end of August, the Salem News reports.

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Good for the city of Salem.

All this religious overreach lately is infuriating. Behaving in accordance with one's religion is not the same as being a good person, a good citizen, or a good American. I would never inhibit someone's right to personally practice their religion, no matter how nutty, but that does not confer a right to exceptional legal treatment or to the respect of the public. We'll be battling this nonsense for the next generation. Props to Salem for coming down on the right side of history.

And hurray for a shove against contempt disguised as righteousness.

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..beyond caring about what fellow monkeys do with their genitals because of an imaginary desert sky god's possible disapproval.

It was easier for me than quitting cigarettes and that wasn't too challenging.

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I had an intern that went to Gordon. Nice girl, but she was engaged at 19 to her high school sweetheart which was such an old school thing to me. I think she said there's something at the school where if a student gets engaged they ring a quad bell and everyone gathers around it or something. Really out of time stuff.

She did use copious amounts of bright pink to highlight things in her excel spreadsheets she made, which was quite annoying. Not sure that's something they teach in their accounting classes there.

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