An ode to the old Government Center station

Government Center under reconstruction

Oh, they've been working on the railroad. Photo by MBTA. See it larger.

As noted earlier, some people left notes on the walls of the Government Center T stop in the hours before it was shut for two years of reconstruction.

Via the MBTA comes this ode, found penned on one of the walls:

Dear Government Center,

Thank you!
How many times have I passed through your halls?
How Many Seasons?
Blue Line to Green Line to work.
Green Line to Blue Line to Home.
Habit of my daily commute
How many moments with family and friends?
Returning with family after I ran the Boston Marathon.
Heightened excitement on the way to the Celtics, Red Sox, Bruins game.
So many comings and goings of so many people you have seen.
Red Brick entry way, Landmark on City Hall Plaza.
Thank you people who built Scolley Square and the Government Center Station
Thank you people who are building the new Government Center over the next two years
I look forward to enjoying your work of excellence.
Thank you.

Love Sincerely,




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Good riddance!

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I hate sentimentality. I really do. The station was a pit. I've used it countless times myself, and every time I hoped that someone would put it out of its misery. It's like the high rise projects they imploded (not in Boston) up the street from where I grew up. "Oh, but they've been there for so long. Where will everyone live!" Who cares! PUSH THE BUTTON ALREADY!

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