Parents confront school officials over proposed cuts

Parent Imperfect reports on a School Committee hearing on proposed layoffs and other cuts, held at the Hyde Park Educational Complex.

School Committee Chair, Michael O’Neill made a valiant effort to lighten things up a bit in his welcoming remarks, but few attendees were in that kind of mood.




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If you are going to stand at a budget meeting don't just say give me money. Budgets are zero sum games. At the end of the day if we give you more somebody else has to have less. Where do we cut? Fixed costs are about a third of the budget and have almost zero flexibility.the schools are another third and public safety 20% ish. A 1% increase to schools means everyone else except public safety has to cut almost 5%. Where do we find that kind of savings to give to one of the already most generously funded school districts in the country? And what kind of return will we get on that investment? And all these increases I believe are for an ever smaller and smaller school district.

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