Paying homage

Marathon Sports on Boylston Street

Amy B. photographed the line to get into Marathon Sports - scene of one of the two explosions last year - the day before the 2014 Marathon.



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Look at all the thin, white, rich women who are wearing pants that cost enough to feed a family for a week.

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Corporations are people, too, my friends

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Paying their respects to what? The bomb blew out the front windows and people used the store as a shelter for triage and things with employees helping the injured (kudos). But the staff wasn't injured in the blast at all according to past news articles.

But I guess if people were running low on Boston Strong water bottles and tissues, they might need to stop in and get some.

I'm not bitter. I'm just tired of people using commercialism as their way to express their respects, homage, etc. "I feel bad that something happened, where can I throw my money?" is the prevailing method for feeling better about one's self when tragedy strikes other people and you want to emote about it (or sometimes just prove your superiority to those that don't feel any attachment to the tragedy). It's not bitterness, but a yearning for people to get off this homage kick we're on for the past decade-plus where everyone is almost expected to be personally drawn into every event that happens or bludgeoned with the personal details of all the people that were effected until they are personally drawn in.

I'm hoping the store was actually logging their running club members for bus rides to the start line or something and that's why there was a line and not that people were "paying respects" to a store or whatever.

Also, the first person you replied to is a douche and I'm not defending them in any way.

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