For people who need to keep track of when they have sex and just find spreadsheets too boring

There's an app for that, developed by a Rockland pharmacist.




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"spreadsheet" heh heh heh

spread ... sheet ... heh heh heh

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Did Lindsey Lohan buy the app

so she doesn't have to write them out on paper to be left behind in hotel rooms? Does the app have room for notes on who did exactly what, physical characteristics (dimensions, scars, tattoos, piercings etc.), and a rating? Could be helpful for remembering names. Could have a disease inventory checklist for each and EULA for both parties to click "I agree",

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B4 sex get tested 2GETHER then make an INFORMED decision.

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BEFORE sex get tested TOGETHER for A VARIETY of STIs sexually transmitted infections then make an INFORMED decision.

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News / Couples tested together

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2014-09-14 00:00
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THE New Start Network encouraged the public to respond to its two-week campaign to increase the number of couples who take an HIV test together.

The campaign took place in Welkom, Mangaung and Botshabelo in the Free State.

Altogether 1238 couples (in Free State and Mpumalanga) were tested at the special couples testing sites that were set up in shopping centres, at taxi ranks and other high traffic areas (that is 2476 individuals tested as couples). “We offer HIV testing for couples every day in Nelspruit, Bloemfontein, Witbank and Welkom, but we only get a few couples coming together for a test,” says Ncamsile Nhlabathi, New Start Network senior programme manager. “By taking the campaign to the streets we had mobilisers telling the public about couples testing and we set up services right where people shop and do business - we attracted over eight times more couples than in the same period last year.”

The demand for testing during the campaign was the strongest over weekends when people who work during the week were available to test with their partners. Some sites reported that they had as many as 50 couples testing on a single day. Although the campaign was aimed at couples, it urged people to “give your partner the greatest gift”.

Individuals who wished to test alone were also accommodated. The advantages of taking an HIV test with a partner are that partners get to know each other’s status. There are no secrets concerning HIV. If a person tests positive, he or she has a counsellor imme-diately available to assist the couple to make decisions together on the way forward and partners have vital information to help them plan their lives as a couple, particularly if they are considering marriage or having a baby. “The campaign has shown that people have no problem testing as a couple and this campaign gave them the access and opportunity for these services,” says Nhlabathi. “We want to encourage couples who missed out during the campaign to take advantage of our mobile teams to get the test done.

“Any couple wanting to test together can contact the New Start Network in their area to find out where the mobile teams would be.” In Bloemfontein couples can get tested at Room 203, Cuthberts Building at 78 Charlotte Maxeke Street or call 051-430-9595.

In Welkom couples can visit, Unit 102 at the Essex House in Elizabeth Street or call 057-352-2789.

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